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Cosmetics and hygiene products of Tesla Pharma AG are developed in the laboratory in the Netherlands. A lot of research has gone into the development of the active components. Experience in wound repair is fundamental in the choice of cosmetic ingredients. Cosmetics of Tesla Pharma AG are suitable for all types of skin. They are pH-neutral, hypo- allergen and don’t contain preservatives.


is a revitalising crème composed by using natural ingredients in combination with an effective liposomal complex. Vitamin E and Hyaluronic acid penetrates and vitalises the skin from inside.


contains wheat germ oil and bioactive components combined with soothing alpine herbs. It can help to regenerate skin during the night hours to give smooth and refreshed skin in the morning.


Hand and Body is a nurturing emulsion with a neutral composition containing an extract from soothing alpine herbs. It supports refreshment of the skin and stress protection.


is a spray containing 1.5% of H²O² in a highly stabilised form. It is friendly to the skin. After washing the skin, application of Deoxyl spray to the feet and other areas prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi. It is both cooling and disinfecting. One of its key uses is the prevention of unpleasant foot odour.


VULNOSAN is a neutral paste with 0,2% Na-Hyaluronte in Macrogol. Hyaluronic acid promotes the growth of Dermis cells. The intact skin gets smoother and softer. VULNOSAN supports natural recovery for the damaged skin

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